Beginner's Guide to Steampunk and Engineering
Technology is great and all, but without limits, it can very easily get out of hand.

What is "steampunk"?
Though a great many people would be offended by the above question, it is a fair one. "Steampunk" is a genre of science fiction which has a historical setting, and focuses on steampower and intelligent or complex uses of old technology, rather than futuristic advancements. Things which use new or futuristic technology do not fit within the genre of "Steampunk", and regardless if you agree or not, there is a limit to how advanced machinery can become before it is no longer considered steampunk. Here on this server, anything which requires the use of AC current, or advanced DC current, is too advanced for gameplay. Electricity, however, is not needed for the majority of the steampunk genre. Clockwork, steampower, kinetic power, and more can be utilized as far as your mind can reasonably explain them to function.

What can I do within this genre?
It is worth noting that a character cannot be specialized in everything, and despite how many people wish to be master alchemist-archmage-scientist-warrior-prospector-king-priests, it is still against the rules. That being said, if one's character is one who focuses on engineering and mathematics, there is a great deal of things you can do. In written RP, custom inventions can be created as long as you can show reasonable proof as to how they would function, prosthetic limbs can be forged by the highly advanced in their craft, guns and firearms for those of you with a steady hand and good eye, and much much more.

This is, of course, where the question of redstone comes in, as TheKingdomsMC did begin in minecraft, and gameplay on Phenos takes place most often through the minecraft server. Although the creations you are able to make ingame are very much canon, redstone itself is not. For those of you who love making things using this binary crimson dust, playing as an engineer of sorts may suit you very well.

Where can I start?
Though your character may start with knowledge of engineering and mathematics, this doesn't mean they did, and even if that is the case, there is always more to learn. With that in mind, one would do well to seek out another more experienced character, and learn from them. The most advanced character in the steampunk genre to date is "Rooster the Red of Whitefeather", an aged avairian man who is alongside Adrian Redd, Soto Black, and Dirk Magus in terms of the great impact he has made upon civilization as a whole... And though you are very unlikely to find him personally, there are those who have taken residence within his city, "Coalvein", who may very well be able to help further your knowledge.