Written Combat for Beginners
In TheKingdoms, there are many ways of fighting. We often use ingame combat, pathfinder combat, or something else... But the most common type of combat is written combat.

In written combat, a player fights one or more opponents in a series of actions, reactions, and results. An action takes place on the player's turn, which is followed up by the target of the action (if there is one) with a reaction to the action. After that, a result is declared by the one taking the action (or by an admin if someone is powergaming) and the opponent takes their action, starting the cycle over again.A simple interaction might go as follows:

"Bob attempts to punch Soto in the face." (This is bob's action)
"Soto sees the punch coming, and holds up his plate to protect his face." (This is Soto's reaction)
"The plate shatters, and does little to protect Soto's face. He is struck quite squarely in the nose." (this is the result)

Certain things require certain opportunities to use. You can only attack someone during an action, never during a reaction. Additionally, magic requires an action to ready, and an action to cast. Archaic magic requires two actions to ready, and one action to cast. Lastly, you can talk during a fight without using any opportunity. An example of using magic and talking in combat might look like this:

"Soto, now taken aback by his bloodied nose, begins to charge a ball of energy in his right hand. 'What was that for?' he shouts." (This is soto's action)
"Bob readies his shield, staring menacingly at Soto. 'I will never loan you a sleeping bag again!' he shouts." (This is Bob's reaction)
(There is no result because nothing really happened that needs establishing.)
"Bob charges at Soto, attempting to shield-bash him." (This is Bob's action)
"Soto, ever swift on his feet, darts backward, attempting to avoid the incoming blow." (This is Soto's reaction.)
"Soto shouts with a voice like thunder: 'Begone THOT!' as a bolt of energy archs from his hand towards Bob."(This is Soto's action.)
"Bob pees his pants in fear of what he just witnessed." (This is Bob's reaction)
"Bob is thrown back ten feet by Soto's magic, into some nearby barstools." (This is the result.)

Written RP guidlines are relatively basic, and may be altered as time goes on to make them more balanced. Keep that in mind, and have fun.