Magic for the Adept

For some, magic is just a poor excuse for bad writing. Here, it is a fundamental aspect of the lore, and requires a lot of thought and effort to work with. Magic, by definition, is the manipulation of leylines... And as you will find out, this is a very broad definition. This guide will cover everything a newcomer will need to know to play an advanced mage, but may be unnecessary for those who just occasionally use magical artifacts, or are somewhat familiar with it. True, this guide is for those getting started playing adept mages, but that doesn't mean it is simple-- Magic is a very advanced thing, and should not be taken lightly. IF YOU CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO READ THIS GUIDE, WE CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO ALLOW YOU TO PLAY AN ADVANCED MAGE!!

Understanding what the concept of a leyline is is essential for comprehending how magic works. A leyline is the name for any interaction between universes, and leylines are responsible for the evocation of energy, matter, and forces of nature. The best was to form an analogy of this is to look at a dictionary, hundreds of pages (each one representing a different universe) touching one another on countless different points, and compress it down to a singularity, so that every page is interacting with every other page simultaneously, rather than being seperated by one another. Any space where the pages are not interacting is known as "void"-- a place where energy, matter, and forces of nature do not exist. To reiterate, Leylines are interaction between universes, and without interaction between worlds, there are no leylines.

Rifts are a type of leyline that, involve a significantly more complex interaction, even to the point of allowing travel from one world to another. Much like two perfect cones touching only at their points, an ant who is walking on one cone may walk across the very point at which these two cones interact, finding themselves on a completely different cone. However, rifts may form for but moments, or for eternities. They are often invisible, as they are little more than a mathematical coordinate from which a person could move from one world to another. It is by this process that every person in Phenos arrives there, since noone is native to that world.

(Work In Progress.)